Our intuitive, simple user interface means you Never Forget a bill
Let's eliminate those troublesome late fees together!

Never Forget App

Create Bills

simple, intuitive bill entry

Create Bill

  • Recipient: Company, Organization or Individual
  • Amount: Enter amoutn due.
  • Bill Type: Choose your bill type from the list or select "other"
  • Due Date: Don't be late!

Notification Settings

  • Enable Notification: Enable notification to activate bill reminders
  • Recurring: Select monthly or yearly reminder frequency for your bills
Never Forget App
Never Forget App

Visual Reminders

  • Blue: This is just a bill
  • Green: You've paid this bill!
  • Yellow: Due within 3 days!
  • Red: This bill is past due.

* On the bill list, the amount due is rounded to the nearest dollar for simplicity

Never Forget App

Bill View

Mark Bills Paid or Unpaid

  • If your bill is paid, tap on "Tap Here If Bill is Paid!" button
  • If the bill needs to revert back to unpaid, simply tap on the button "Tap Here If Bill is Unpaid"

Never Forget Mobile App Avaliable for iOS

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